This Custom Motorcycle Isn’t A Motorcycle

It’s furniture

JVLT 014
Too bad the JVLT 014 doesn’t actually go because it is a pretty thing.NorthEast Custom

Well, if Morgan Motor Company made a motorcycle, it might take some cues from this thing. But instead of having a wooden chassis, the JVLT 014—built by NorthEast Custom in collaboration with JoeVelluto Design—has wooden bodywork. And, umm, other parts that shouldn't be made of wood.

It may look like a motorcycle, but, as a matter of fact, it isn’t. It’s a piece of furniture. Now, I respect Charles and Ray Eames’ cool-looking chairs as much as the next guy, but furniture design and motorcycling typically don’t occupy the same space. After all, one is for sitting; the other’s for going. Until now.

JVLT 014 Gas Tank
The gas tank is replaced by a glass jug.NorthEast Custom

The Italy-based firms built the motorcycle, er, “piece,” for the Salone del Mobile Milano, a furniture and design exhibition.

The JoeVelluto website explains the purpose of the build: “In this project, the design of objects for mass production meets the uniqueness of custom, where an object normally produced in a large scale is removed in its entirety, analyzing and re-interpreting each component, and then reassembled as totally new and unique. The motorbike is inspired by the world of furniture, to become an object to be admired and freezing its mobile nature in immobile [sic].”

rudimentary abacus
Tired of getting lost in the submenus of submenus on your bike’s TFT display? How about a rudimentary abacus to play with instead?NorthEast Custom

In one regard, it seems a waste to take its Yamaha XS500 donor bike off the streets, but it’s always a positive for motorcycling when the machine’s form can be interpreted in a new light and its beauty appreciated by a new audience.

Still, I don’t know about you, but if the JVLT 014 were in my living room, I’d be awfully frustrated that I couldn’t start it up or twist that wooden handgrip.

“Exhaust” pipes
“Exhaust” pipes.NorthEast Custom
non-running motorcycle
As outlandish as a purposely non-running motorcycle sounds, there’s some rational thinking at work here: the build displays a tactile beauty that just makes you want to ride. How long do you think you could have it before riding it down the deck stairs?NorthEast Custom

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