This Craigslist Find Is The Bike Of My Dreams

Anyone want to give me a little loan?

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Ready to ripZach Cohen

As anyone following my social media can probably guess, I've sort of re-fallen in love with riding dual sports lately. It's something I've always enjoyed, but I never had the vehicle to get to the ever-shrinking trails until just recently. Thus, I've been riding more, sucking less, and it's sort of becoming all I want to do lately in my free time.

One of the things I'm learning is that, while I'd want to customize any bike I'm on for long periods of time, I need to customize any dual sport I ride. Most are designed for guys about 5'8" and, at just over 6'0", I'm a pretty awkward fit. That, plus this lovely state I live in makes it pretty hard to plate anything good, means I've found myself on Craigslist a lot lately.

Sean MacDonald
My favorite way to suit up as of lateZach Cohen

In California, you could plate a Honda CRF450X up until 2008, which makes them a hot ticket item on used motorcycle forums. Finding a good one, at a decent price, is like finding a gold nugget. But sometimes, after reading through countless "tons of sweet mods," and "never been down," posts, you find one so glorious that you lust for it—no matter the cost.

And that, dear friends, is what happened to me Wednesday as I nursed sore muscles from Tuesday's adventures. Ladies and gentleman, behold this wondrous beast:

Honda CRF450X
The prettiest 2006 Honda CRF450X you've ever seenImage from Craigslist

The bike is listed as a 2006 Honda CRF450X that's been plated in the state of California and has a clean title. But that's not all. Well, at this point it's probably best if I just post the whole ad, where there are more pics if you're interested.

2006 Honda CRF 450X, California Street Legal, Clean Title in Hand.
100% rebuilt brand new, NEVER RIDDEN, all new HONDA Parts, new nuts, bolts, seals, gaskets, etc. Fully ready to pre-run, race or pleasure use. May be able to deliver within California, Arizona, and Nevada. Better than brand new.

Fully Polished Frame
100% Pro-Circuit Suspension, with Anodize Kit
Red Powder Coated Valve Cover
Deburred and Mirror Polished Aluminum parts, frame, subframe, swingarm, brakes, full linkage, triple clamps, engine mounts, levers, kick starter, exhaust
Seal Savers on front forks
JCR Swingarm mods: Add gussets to chain guide mounts
JCR Swingarm mods: Add spring pocket gusset
Pro Circuit T-5 FULL Titanium JCR spec exhaust, Team edition, twin walled head pipe
Pro-Taper Contour Bars, Pastrana Low Bend
BRP Upper and Lower Triple Clamps, Scotts sub mount Stabilizer
BRP Handlebar Clamps
USB Charger port on triple clamp
Honda Keyed ignition with 4 spare keys
2 Ram Mount balls on Bar clamps
Renthal Sprockets rear is Aluminum/Steal combo 48T, 14T front steel Sprocket
DID Gold 520 VX2 O-ring Chain
Polished Scotts Shark Fin Disc guard
CRF 450R Brake Rotors front and rear
Acerbis rubber peg protectors
Acerbis White Front Fender, Radiator shrouds, and fork guards, Front Fender flat black for night use
Acerbis Black Plastic Skid Plate
Custom Brake Snake
Odometer removed, wheel spacer conversion kit 450R front axle
JCR smog pump removal
JCR 2008 CRF450R Camshaft
JCR 450R carburetor mods & jetting
JCR airbox mods
JCR engine vent kit
JCR Pro-Circuit Ported and Polished Head
Full REM Treatment to gears (polishing) Then WPC Treated
Full WPC Engine Treatment, everything, piston, clutch, cam, axles, everything that would benefit. (watch youtube videos)
IMS 3.4 gallon fuel tank
IMS Quick Fill
CRF 450R Fuel Stem and Petcock, Reserve deleted
Noguchi Seat, cannot purchase publicly
Gold Heat-shielded fuel lines
Gold Heat-shielded Radiator Hoses
JCR Speed Shop graphics kit
Wired with PTT radio and plug in
Acerbis hand guards with Removable Air deflectors
Honda HRC Engine Plug kit
Works Connection rear brake master cylinder guard
Works Connection front AND Rear master cylinder cover
Works Connection Clutch perch with hot start, clutch deten bypassed
Works Connection Fork air bleeder screws
Fast linkage, with rock slide protection
Fast Red Billet rear braks clevis
Pink Wire Mod
AME Half Waffle grips, glued and safety wired, donuts glued
Honda Stop/Kill used for Starter Switch
Engine hour meter installed 1.9hrs (tuned only, no dirt)
Hinson billet clutch cover
Hinson FULL Clutch and Steel Basket
IMS Oversized foot pegs
2009 CRF 450R front brake master cylinder
HEL Steel Braided brake lines front and rear with heavy Duty Banjo bolts
Zeta billet Oil Filter Housing
Motion Pro oil filter magnet
Polished Honda hubs, DID Oversized spokes and nipples, DID Dirt Star hoops, dual rear rim locks
16 PSI Radiator Cap, New Fluidyne Radiators, fully professionally gusseted
CV4 Red Radiator hoses and non cutting hose clamps
Two Stage rear brake LIGHT tied to pressure switch on rear brake master cylinder
Battery Tender Pigtail installed
Baja Designs Front Headlight and Stator, Race Lights NOT included
Pirelli Tires Scorpion XC, mid hard front, HD Rear
Heavy Duty Tubes Front and Rear
JCR Speed Shop complete motorcycle prep: All chassis bearings lubed, all fasteners prepped with compound, wiring harness streamlined, radiators modified, all components torqued to Honda specifications. Tuned to perfection, start and runs perfectly.

Tons of Pictures of the build

Please don't harass me about the price, cost significantly more to build and you couldn't build anything close to this for this price. I do not have to sell.

Serious inquiries only.

This bike could win the Baja 1000 tomorrow. No Expense Spared. Every detail thought of.

Honda CRF450X
Getting this thing dirty for the first time would be roughImage from Craigslist
Honda CRF450X
Anyone else think this thing was worked on in a hermetically sealed room?Image from Craigslist

The inclusion of "Please don't hassle me about price, cost significantly more to build and you couldn't build anything close to this for this price. I do not have to sell." makes it sound a whole lot like someone was told they have to out something up for sale that they didn't want to.

Now, I know I don't need this bike for what I'm after. But that doesn't mean I can't want it. With everything in me.

Honda CRF450X
Licked cleanImage from Craigslist
Honda CRF450X
Something tells me this guy's claims about the parts list and care taken in the build aren't exaggeratedImage from Craigslist