Five Winter Battery Tips

Give your motorcycle battery some love during cold weather.

Varta AGM motorcycle battery product image

1. Inspect the battery cables, posts and fasteners. If necessary, clean the terminals with a stiff brush or battery cleaner spray. Make sure the cables and their housings are in good shape and the connectors are secured tightly to the battery.

2. If the battery is not a sealed unit, check the electrolyte levels, using distilled water to top up any cells that appear low. Do not overfill.

3. If you aren’t planning to ride your bike for a while, purchase a motorcycle-specific trickle charger with a monitoring feature to keep the battery in good operating condition.

4. Test the starting and charging system at least once a month, so when the sun appears and the snow melts, you’re ready to hit the road or trail.

5. If you need to purchase a new battery, choose one that meets the ratings recommended in the owner’s manual for your particular model.