Tamburini T12 Massimo Official Unveiling

Andrea Tamburini confirms very limited, supreme quality production

The Mayor of Rimini, Mr. Andrea Gnassi, joined Andrea Tamburini, his mother Pasquina, and sisters Morena and Simona (from left to right) for the unveiling of the Tamburini T12 Massimo.Courtesy of Tamburini

Andrea Tamburini and the other members of the Tamburini family—his mother Pasquina and his sisters Morena and Simona—have officially unveiled the Tamburini T12 Massimo. A dream bike that the late Massimo Tamburini had conceived and developed, and that his son Andrea ultimately brought to completion, this is the same bike that was first officially shown in Cycle World's first look story, last May.

First impressions are everything, and the Tamburini T12 Massimo certainly does make a strong one.Courtesy of Tamburini

As for the ceremony itself, it was held at in the Fabbrica Arte Rimini (Rimini Art Factory), the building having been offered by the Municipality of Rimini to pay homage to what could be one of the most brilliant and celebrated sons of the town. To make this homage fully official, at the moment of the unveiling the four members of the Tamburini family were joined by the Mayor of Rimi, Mr. Andrea Gnassi. Of course, to make the celebration of Massimo's creativity more complete, ten of his most celebrated bikes encircled the T12 Massimo. There were MV Agustas, Ducatis, and Bimotas.


The unveiling of the Tamburini T12 Massimo was attended by a large crowd and even a number of media people, most in the Rimini area for the San Marino Grand Prix. Later, Andrea Tamburini confirmed that at this stage the plans are for a very limited, supreme quality production.

Will we ever see one in person? We can only hope.

The T12 Massimo reveals its lean beauty to the crowd. Andrea polished every minor detail of his father’s creation to make it literally shine.Courtesy of Tamburini
The special edition MV Agusta F4 surrounded by the crowd of the enthusiasts that gathered at the Fabbrica Arte Rimini building for the event.Courtesy of Tamburini
The legendary Bimota KB1 was among the Massimo Tamburini creations gathered to encircle the new T12. On the far left is a Ducati 916 and on the right a special edition MV Agusta F4.Courtesy of Tamburini