Take A Tour Of The Mojave Dunes With Ronnie Renner

Freestyle moto legend Ronnie Renner is on dune patrol in the latest GoPro video

Ronnie Renner and GoPro are at it again, this time taking to the Mojave Desert to show off both Renner's incredible skills as well as the some of what's possible with the latest GoPro Hero6 action camera.

Renner is one of the planet’s most talented dirt bike riders, and it’s been amazing to watch him adapt and stay so incredibly relevant over his almost 20-year career. From setting step-up records to competing in X Games freestyle and Real Moto competitions to incredible video parts, Renner always keeps the riding fresh and blows away the rest of the world with all that he makes possible.

Let this also be your reminder that winter’s here, which means it’s time for us Californians to hit the trails and the desert. Just don’t try and copy too many of Renner’s moves.