Moto Guzzi Century Celebrations

A return to North Cape, Norway

Moto Guzzi is giving its fans the opportunity to ride the latest V7, V9, and V85 TT models on special tours celebrating its 100th anniversary.Moto Guzzi

Every year, in September, Moto Guzzi celebrates its birthday by welcoming thousands of ever-faithful enthusiasts from all over the world to Mandello del Lario, where they gather at the home of Moto Guzzi. In addition to this international event, Moto Guzzi offers registered enthusiasts and potential customers the opportunity to take part in a number of tours to share a deeper experience aboard the Moto Guzzi models.

The 2021 edition of Moto Guzzi Experience lists a tour in Sardinia (May 25–31), a shorter tour in the Dolomite Alps (July 23–26), and one in Tuscany exclusively dedicated to the V85 TT (October 1–4). In addition, two more relevant events are going to take place in the Balkans (July 3–10) and in Tunisia (October 9–18). The participants will have the latest V85 TT at their disposal as well as the renewed V7 and V9, both powered by the specific edition of the Moto Guzzi V2, now grown to 850cc of displacement and 65 hp.

An aerial view of Mandello del Lario in 1921.Moto Guzzi

The bikes will be rotated at every leg, allowing each participant ample opportunity to test and acquaint themselves with each model on real-life roads. But the most evocative tour will be the one taking the legion of Moto Guzzi enthusiasts to North Cape, Norway, following the same route that Giuseppe Guzzi explored in 1928 from Mandello del Lario to North Cape aboard the then-newborn Moto Guzzi GT 500, dubbed “Norge” after that very successful raid.

Giuseppe Guzzi was not only Carlo’s brother but also his wingman. Giuseppe supported Carlo at every step of his enormous creative effort, which led to the creation of one of the most revered names in the motorcycle industry. Giuseppe worked constantly to test, improve, and hone every model, and his epic ride to North Cape was a perfect example of his dedication and rigorous professional approach.

The Moto Guzzi GT 500 Norge, named after Giuseppe Guzzi’s ride from Mandello del Lario, Italy, to North Cape, Norway.Moto Guzzi

The return to North Cape will take the participants through the Alpine pass into Switzerland, then to central and northern Europe, and finally through the mystic scenery of Norwegian roads through forests and around fjords. The Century Raid will start from Mandello del Lario August 17 and will end there September 12. That’s 27 days on the road for deep immersion into that special passion for Moto Guzzi shared by so many enthusiasts the world over. I do have a picture of the Moto Guzzi GT 500 Norge, but none of Mr. Giuseppe Guzzi. My apologies, Giuseppe.