Triumph Tiger 900, Scrambler To Be In New James Bond Film

Specially prepped versions of the bikes will feature in No Time To Die.

Tiger 900
No Time To Die, but plenty of time to ride motorcycles. The new James Bond film will feature Triumph’s all-new Tiger 900 (specially prepped) in some of the dynamic action scenes.Courtesy Triumph Motorcycles

Mention James Bond movies and your mind naturally drifts to the dozens of wild, heavily modified vehicles prominently featured therein. Sure, those have included motorcycles, but you never peeped the spymaster himself piloting one; wasn’t until 1995’s _GoldenEye_ that Pierce Brosnan (or rather, a stunt double) absconded with a Cagiva and, in a bit of foreshadowing, rode it straight off a cliff. Brosnan then jumped on a BMW R1200C for a bit of awkward product placement in _Tomorrow Never Dies_, but thankfully, Daniel Craig pumped up the cool for a rousing rip along the rooftops of Istanbul on a Honda CRF250R in the opening sequence of _Skyfall_. (No, the actors themselves didn’t ride the bikes in any of those movies.)

And now, it’s the Brits’ turn. In keeping with the theme, Triumph Motorcycles has announced a partnership with the new James Bond film, _No Time To Die_, which is the 25th official flick in the long-running franchise. The Triumph design workshop team says they collaborated with the stunt team from the film to configure not one but two of the brand’s motorcycles, which includes a specially prepped Tiger 900 as well as a Scrambler 1200 XE model for some of the “extreme and dynamic action sequences,” according to the press release.

1200 Scrambler
Also making its feature film debut is Triumph’s 1200 Scrambler model, purportedly in XE trim but sporting modifications including a cut-down exhaust and a retooled, reinforced handlebar.Courtesy Triumph Motorcycles

Obviously it’s good exposure for Triumph’s latest big-deal adventure bike, the just-released Tiger 900, which Triumph is pushing as an all-new addition to the long-running, 80-year history of Tiger off-road motorcycles. The first Tiger competition models came around in 1936, and since then the Tiger name has played a prominent role in the adventure category—from racing to rallies, and to the currently popular adventure travel boom.

We’ll have a first ride review coming in the first part of 2020 for the new middleweight Tiger 900, which is said to be completely redesigned, with a fresh, newly configured, and more responsive 900cc triple engine, lighter weight, and several new up-spec features including state-of-the-art ride-enhancing technology and apparently an “aggressive new style.” Of the four new models, the Tiger 900 Rally Pro trim is the highest specification off-road-oriented Tiger 900, and likely the one modified for the movie scenes. A little more than a year ago, during the development program for the new model, the Tiger Tramontana gave us an early hint of what we might see with the new Tiger 900.

Scrambler 1200 XE on location
Bond movie stunt coordinator shooting a scene on location with the modified Scrambler 1200 XE.Courtesy Triumph Motorcycles

As you’d imagine, Triumph CEO Nick Bloor sounded appropriately pumped for the cinematic opportunity, saying: “…We are delighted to partner with the latest James Bond film.…We know that our motorcycles are hugely capable and we cannot wait to see them in action when the film airs, including the new and eagerly anticipated Tiger 900 model.”

The James Bond movie stunt coordinator, Lee Morrison offered a few more details, adding, “Triumph gave us early Tiger 900 prototypes before launch so we could film in key locations before the bike’s official reveal. I have to say that we have literally thrown everything at them. Big craggy sharp rocks, deep boggy mud, high speeds, big jumps, and huge climbs and descents across a variety of conditions. The Tigers really have stood up to the task incredibly well, with no mechanical issues…”

The movie _No Time To Die_ will be released in April 2020 in both the UK and US. Let’s hope the sound editors get the engine noise right for the twin and especially the triple.

film teaser
The latest James Bond film, No Time To Die, will be hitting theaters next April.Triumph Motorcycles

See the trailer here.