2023 MV Agusta Superveloce 1000 Serie Oro First Look

The ultimate enthusiast candy store serves up a new dish.

Nobody does bodywork like the Italians, and no Italian company does it like MV. Behold the Superveloce 1000, guaranteed to sell out in minutes.MV Agusta

When it first appeared in 2020, MV Agusta’s 800 Superveloce was easily one of the year’s most fascinating bikes. Its polished profile was unique, both classic and futuristic. An instant hit, the entire limited production sold out in hours.

Now MV Agusta is doing it again for 2023, but bigger. This Superveloce gets not an 800 triple, but a full 1,000 four in its strongest form: 208 hp at 13,000 rpm, the same engine as in the Brutale 1000 RR, dressed like a king.

Carbon fiber everywhere. Of course the Superveloce’s bodywork is carbon, but check out its use in other componentry.MV Agusta

The Superveloce Serie Oro sets a high standard for styling and finesse right down to the smallest details. The top of its full fairing reproduces the polished lines of the 800 Superveloce with a clean, classic profile, starting from the round headlight and arcing back. But the rest of the fairing gets more aggressive with the addition of scoops and aerodynamic elements. The whole bike looks like something from Star Wars. The bodywork is full carbon fiber, and liberal use of titanium helps further reduce the bike’s weight to 427 pounds dry.

How to describe the Superveloce’s wheels with that wire spoke? Further details when we find out more.MV Agusta

All the components are exclusive to this model, starting from the five-spoke forged-aluminum wheels. The titanium four-pipe exhaust system is by Arrow; the  brakes are Brembo, featuring four-piston Stylema calipers and managed by Continental’s MK 100 ABS system. An aluminum flange over the front discs includes a scoop to direct cooling air over the rotors just ahead of the caliper, helping to ensure maximum performance given the bike’s speed potential, which was tested at 190 mph.

As noted earlier, the Superveloce 1000 shares the Brutale 1000 RR’s new 1,000cc inline-four, with radial valves and a new balance shaft to address secondary-imbalance vibrations. Like the 800 Superveloce, the 1000 Superveloce will be an extremely-limited-production model aimed at hardcore enthusiasts and connoisseurs.

MV is doing a nice job blending the classic and the modern with the limited editions.MV Agusta