How Much Power Does the 2022 Honda CBR500R Make?

Big Red’s budget-conscious supersport on the Cycle World dyno.

Honda knows and does versatility. Case in point: Big Red’s midsize lineup, which includes the supersport-inspired CBR500R, the standard CB500F, and the popular CB500X “adventure” machine. Choose your riding style and reap the benefits of Honda’s flexibility.

As with both of the CB500 models, the CBR500R is powered by the same 471cc DOHC parallel-twin engine with an identical tune across the range. Each model was updated with an inverted 41mm Showa Big Piston fork in 2022 for improved handling and a secondary front brake caliper for stronger stopping distance.

Horsepower and torque figures of the 2022 Honda CBR500R recorded on the Cycle World dyno.Robert Martin Jr.

We ran the CBR500R on the Cycle World Dynojet 250i dynamometer ahead of an upcoming ride review, recording horsepower and torque figures. The CBR produced a peak 43.20 hp at 8,280 rpm and 29.77 pound-feet of torque at 6,450 rpm. As expected, the figures mimic the rest of Honda’s midsize lineup. The flat torque curve and linear power delivery emphasize Big Red’s focus on versatility and approachability for all skill levels.