How Much Power Does the 2021 Honda Rebel 1100 Make?

Horsepower and torque figures of the flagship Honda Rebel.

The 2021 Honda Rebel 1100 is the latest edition to Honda’s legendary, beginner-friendly cruiser lineup. Obviously designed as a larger model with more displacement, this new Rebel is positioned as the lineup’s flagship model with an aim of keeping riders engaged as their experience grows.

Honda chose to power the Rebel 1100 via an existing liquid-cooled 1,084cc Unicam parallel twin as seen in the Africa Twin adventure model. To better fit the cruiser vibe, the powerplant has been tweaked with dedicated ECU mapping, a 20-percent larger flywheel for increased inertia, and revised cam profiles for a distinct “power pulse.” Honda also chose to leave the engine to be managed by three selectable power delivery modes and Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC), or traction control, similar to that of the Africa Twin.

Horsepower and torque figures of the 2021 Honda Rebel 1100 measured on the Cycle World dyno.Robert Martin Jr.

Standard to the Cycle World testing protocol, we ran the Rebel 1100 on our in-house Dynojet 250i dyno recording horsepower and torque figures. The Honda produced a peak 81.02 hp at 7,010 rpm and 67.90 pound-feet of torque at 5,010 rpm. For reference, that’s double the 40.8 hp of the Rebel 500.

It is undeniably a large jump in performance from the less-powerful small-bore Rebel models, but a look at the linear power delivery and rider-friendly nature still make it an approachable cruiser model. As Honda planned, it offers room for less-experienced Rebels to grow and veterans to enjoy.