Video: Does Marc Marquez's Training Allow Him to Ride at the Next Level?

HRC video shows Marquez having fun on two wheels and four

Is Marc Marquez taking a day of rest after a tough Sunday at Motorland Aragon? Doubt it. More than likely, Marc is out training in some form to improve his skills and ride even stronger when he arrives in Japan for the next Grand Prix. Marc has rode a near perfect season so far, 11 victories in 14 races against the best of the best. If that's not impressive, what is? But how has he been, for the most part, flawless? Does specialized training give him the edge over the other riders?

As with any world-class rider, Marc spends his days training to improve his skills and physical capabilities, making it easier to wrestle his Honda RC213V around the track. According to Marc's official social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) he spends his days in the gym, on his bicycle, or on a dirt bike slipping and sliding around corners. His rivals also posts about their training and it seems that they all work on honing their skills in the same way. So what does Marc Marquez do in between races that makes him almost unbeatable? While he may post about small parts of his training days, he is likely to be keeping most of what he does a secret from his competition. Many hours in the gym and countless laps on a dirt bike may be the answer. Or maybe it's something no one has seen him do, but will anybody ever know for sure?

Check out the short clip of Marc showing his talents on and off his Honda MotoGP racebike!

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