Video: Are Brammo Electric Motorcycles Setting the Future for Motorcycling?

Brammo’s Empulse RR not only competing with superbikes, but beating them in heads-up racing. What’s next?

To most two-wheel enthusiasts, the smell of gasoline and sound of firing cylinders is the only way to think of a motorcycle. At the same time, a new breed of motorcyclist believes what comes ahead is the speed and thrills of a motorcycle powered by high-voltage batteries and electric motors. Though these bikes lack the popular smells and sounds of gasoline motorcycles, they don’t miss a beat when it comes to speed, wheelies, and any other antics you can dream up. In fact, these electric bikes are reaching the top step of the podium against serious race bikes. Races at the Isle of Man TT and the FIM eRoadRacing Championship have already proven what these bikes are capable of, but are electric motorcycles the future?

While race fuel junkies may argue against the idea, Brammo seems to be setting the stage for an electric motorcycle future. The company’s Empulse RR recently won the AHRMA Sound of Thunder class against modern race machines such as the Ducati Panigale in a battle at Miller Motorsports Park. Shane Turpin piloted the machine to a large margin of victory over present-day superbikes. Eric Bostrom also took victory in the eSuperbike race aboard an Empulse R against other competitive electric race bikes. With countless years of development to come, how much more can Brammo’s electric motorcycles achieve?

Before you answer that question, check out the video above of Eric Bostrom and Shane Turpin aboard a pair of Brammo's race bikes. Pretty impressive stuff, no?