Video: Wheels In Motion/ Yamaha Team Intro

An update from Josh Herrin, Joe Roberts, and team owner team owner Ameen Sajjadi

A lot has changed since 2014, especially if you're the Wheels In Motion/ Yamaha team. In addition to bringing on new sponsors and switching the team colors up for 2015 as a result, the team has brought on 2013 AMA Pro SuperBike Champion Josh Herrin and Joe Roberts, the 17 year-old California native who took the 2013 SuperSport Championship by storm by winning every race he entered that year (5 total, the first only days after he turned 16).

In this video from the team's recent test at CoTA, Herrin, Roberts, and team owner Ameen Sajjadi talk about how testing has gone thus far, and their thoughts on the new MotoAmerica race series.

Click the play button to find out more about the team and also watch some killer footage of the team at work during the CoTA test.