Video: Valentino Rossi The Doctor Series, Part 4

The latest episode looks closer at the man, his Tavullia inner circle, and how Rossi's post-race gags soon became one of the Italian's trademarks in racing

The fourth episode of "Valentino Rossi: The Doctor" video series by Monster Energy takes a closer look at the man through Rossi's inner circle of friends from his hometown of Tavullia. The genesis of Rossi's trademark wild and inventive post-race victory celebrations and how they came to help describe the Italian's enjoyment for racing and motorcycling to the public are revealed, with several of the favorite gags recalled by his friends. The gags have generated as much attention as his skilled victories on the track. But like some of the best entertainers in show business, Rossi built a persona and cultivated it throughout the years, making his name recognizable across the world.