Video: Taylor Mackenzie's British Superbike Catches Fire at Snetterton

In 2015, Taylor Mackenzie’s WD-40 superbike caught fire at Snetterton British Superbike round forcing him to evacuate.

I bet we could agree that as children we all would have played with the fire all night long, if we could have. In my neighborhood, we were constantly sneaking cans of WD-40 and lighters out of the garage to light fireballs in the backyard… Well, at least until our parents caught on. Even after hearing the words “It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt,” we never wanted to stop shooting fire from the can… and probably never will.

But as for Taylor Mackenzie, we can only guess he hopes that his days of WD-40 fireballs are over. During last year’s British Superbike race weekend at Snetterton, Mackenzie’s WD-40 sponsored Kawasaki ZX-10R erupted in a fireball, forcing him to jump off the bike at speed. Luckily, he escaped the incident with no serious injuries.

With the 2016 Snetterton round of British Superbike coming this weekend, here’s to hoping there’s no more fire in the paddock! Click play on the video above to check out Mackenzie’s incident.