Video: The Suzuki GSX-R — 30 Years of Performance

Part 1 of the inside story behind the iconic Suzuki model that changed the way performance motorcycles were designed for decades to follow

Ask any sportbike rider (or heck, any real motorcycle enthusiast) what a "GSX-R" is, and they'll know what motorcycle you're referring to. The Suzuki GSX-R series has indelibly carved out its initials in the sportbike landscape, starting with the original '85 GSX-R750 that stunned the motorcycle world when it made its debut at the '84 Cologne Show. The GSX-R750 coined the term "race replica", because that's basically what it looked like; compared to the bikes before it, the GSX-R looked like it had just rolled off the racetrack. And it had the design and performance to back up its looks: aluminum frame and swingarm, 100-hp air/oil-cooled 750cc inline four, race-styled bodywork, and a dry weight of 429 pounds that undercut the competition by 60-90 pounds...the Suzuki GSX-R750 changed the motorcycle world as we know it.

This video showcases the behind-the-scenes story behind the creation of the GSX-R, the engineers responsible for its design, and their viewpoint on how far the model series has come since then. Watch for Part 2 coming soon.