Video: One Lap at the Isle of Man on a Kawasaki H2R

Narrated by the man who went 206.9 mph on the bike...

The Isle of Man is one of the most extreme race circuits in the world. On any bike it’s terrifying. And on a 300-horsepower Kawasaki Ninja H2R…well, we don’t know if there is even a word for what it would be. All we know is that, even on video (and with the volume turned up), it’s nothing short of hair-raising.

Two months ago, James Hillier rode a 2015 Ninja H2R round the full Isle of Man TT circuit on a “parade” lap, and in the video we’re referring to that Kawasaki released last week, the Quattro Plant Kawasaki rider gives a recap of that lap. Our guess is that if it was us at the helm of an H2R, we’d have been too blinded by fear to remember anything about the lap, yet somehow Hillier seems to pretty vividly remember everything that happened in that 37.75 miles.

To hear what Hillier has to say about his lap aboard the H2R, and well, just hear the H2R at speed, click play on the video above. Oh, and turn the volume up.