Video: The Mountain at Cadwell Park

Jumping road race bikes is thrilling, no?

Airborne is not a word usually related to roadracing. In fact, roadracing is known for the exact opposite of airborne, with riders leaning over as far as they can to carry more corner speed and usually fighting to keep both wheels on the ground to either put the power down or maximize braking potential. Sure, there are the occasional wheelies, stoppies, or hops over curbs. Jumps, however, are another story.

For most, a jump on a sportbike generally ends up with a tumble along the ground and a visit to the ER. For a very small percentage of the sportbike community, it’s a normal occurrence.

The Mountain at Cadwell Park allows the British Superbike riders to be a part of this small percentage. The Mountain throws—those willing—into the air lap after lap, which is something that we rarely see on a roadrace track. The infamous jump makes for a good show for the fans and sometimes, when it goes wrong, a hair-raising experience for the riders. Arguably, there is nothing else quite like it.

With the British Superbike series racing at Cadwell this weekend, there's bound to be more footage of the The Mountain coming soon.

In the meantime, if you can’t watch the racing for yourself, be sure to watch the video above to catch a glimpse of what The Mountain is all about and hear current World Superbike points leader Jonathan Rea describe how he hits it. Would you jump it?