Video: Kevin Schwantz Rides CoTA, Talks Track Backstory

Former 500cc World Champion talks about how the idea for the CoTA came about, plus laps track on new GSX-R

At the end of the day, this video of Kevin Schwantz talking about Circuit of The Americas is an advertisement for the Red Bull Grand Prix of The Americas, as well as a means for selling tickets to that race. That having been said, this is also probably one of the most refreshing feel-good clips you'll watch today, especially if you're familiar with the legal issues between Schwantz and CoTA that made headlines a few years back.

More than a racer, Kevin Schwantz is a racing enthusiast who loves the sport probably more than you do your first-born child (or something close to that). To hear Schwantz talk about helping design the track and about how it feels like to see the world's best racers running laps at CoTA, is truly moving. Seeing Schwantz stand atop the 24-story observation tower and look over the Texas countryside not far from where he lives now with a real sense of accomplishment and pride (2:00 mark), is icing on the feel-good cake.

If you were ever curious about how Circuit of The Americas came to be, and the story behind its layout, hit the play button on the video above and find out. Hang in there for the entire clip and you'll even find out how and where you can buy tickets for the upcoming MotoGP event.

If you'd rather get straight to the nitty gritty and buy your tickets, you can do so here: Three-day general admission passes start at $89, and reserved grandstand seats start at $59. Children 15 and under will receive a free general admission pass with a ticketed adult.