Video: Kawasaki Ninja H2R crash at the dragstrip

An attempted dragstrip run by a Kawasaki Ninja H2R owner goes pear-shaped in the first 80 feet of the run

You know how it is: You've got a massively powerful new bike like a Kawasaki Ninja H2R, and there's an open test-and-tune day at the local dragstrip. Heck, why not run down there to see what kind of times you can do on it? This H2R owner down under at Sydney Dragway in Australia had the same ambitions and decided to give it a go. What harm could it do? Outside of looping the bike (which the H2R's traction control will do a lot to prevent), there's little chance of doing some damage to the bike...not like taking it to a track day at the local racing circuit.

Unfortunately, this dragstrip run went decidedly pear-shaped about 100 feet into the run, as the bike got a little out of shape and the front tire came down slightly leaned over. For some reason (the bike can be seen gushing out coolant after it crashed, but there's no sign of the front tire being wet in the second viewpoint video as the bike excruciatingly spins down the track, ruling that out as the cause) the front tire completely loses traction, and the H2R and rider unceremoniously lowside onto the tarmac. Embarrassing? Sure. But at least the bike only suffered damage to one side (one YouTube commenter sagely pointed out, "Good thing you pulled the wings off...saved yourself almost $3600 right there...") instead of cartwheeling into oblivion like it could at a roadrace circuit. Still, click on the play button and cringe like the rest of us at the thought as the video plays...