Video: Isle of Man TT – Watch John McGuinness chase Ian Hutchinson during Senior TT

This onboard video of McGuiness chasing Hutchinson demonstrates how difficult it is to race the TT with someone just out of your reach

It's hard not to be dazed by onboard videos from the top racers at the Isle of Man TT. I mean bloody hell, the trees and buildings whizzing by at high-triple-digit speeds gives you an even better sense of the insane velocities these riders achieve on this public road course.

But when you watch an onboard video of one of the top racers at the TT—23-time winner John McGuinness in this case—chasing a fellow racer whose speed is closely matched to the bike carrying the camera, it becomes a whole new experience. Ian Hutchinson had just passed McGuinness on the road (on his way to second place, with McGuinness finishing third for his 46th podium finish at the TT), and the Honda rider quickly latched onto the faster Tyco BMW rider as the pair hurtle through the first half of the Mountain course. Hutchinson is close enough to show the radical lean angles and risky corner apexes at the incredible speeds the top riders run at, but the Tyco BMW remains just far enough out of reach to keep from becoming a distraction to the overall scene. Click on the play button and see if you don't agree that this video takes the IOM TT onboard experience to a whole new level.