Video: Hitting the Apex Trailer

A new film being produced about the top level of our sport: MotoGP

MotoGP racing is something special to watch, and over the years it has only gotten more entertaining with the inclusion of onboard gyro camera footage, super slow-mo shots, and on-screen data acquisition that enables you to experience racing from an entirely different perspective. We like the coverage. Love it and want more of it even.

But what happens when the checkered flag is rolled back up and the empty champagne bottles are tossed out? What's MotoGP life like then?

That's where the upcoming film "Hitting the Apex" steps in. Hopefully. The film, which is narrated by MotoGP fan Brad Pitt and directed by Mark Neale, who also directed "Faster" and "Fastest", is intended to showcase everything we already love about racing while also taking a look into the friendships, rivalries, and lives of what the producers consider to be the best riders in recent MotoGP history. That includes Valentino Rossi, Jorge Lorenzo, Casey Stoner, Dani Pedrosa, Marc Marquez, and the late Marco Simoncelli—an impressive cast.

Unfortunately, for now, it's said that the film will only be shown in theaters in Ireland and the UK. Here's to hoping that changes and that the rest of us have a chance to see it. The preview, at least, makes it look nothing short of special.

Hit play on the video above to check it out for yourself.