Video: Dramatic near miss at Isle of Man TT

Horst Saiger narrowly misses crashing Jamie Cowton during Superstock race; Cowton thankfully walked away with only bruises

While the Isle of Man TT is still one of the most dangerous road races in the world, there have been some advances made in the area of safety, even though in the overall scope of the event they may be very small. Air-filled plastic and foam barriers have become increasingly used to shield the riders from the majority of the impact from hitting immovable objects in race circuits around the world. The Mountain Course is no exception, with recticel foam barriers placed in areas where race organizers feel they can do the most good. And they have made a difference.

Case in point: this dramatic on-board video from Superstock racer Horst Saiger during the RL360 Quantum Superstock race on Monday that shows him narrowly avoiding a crashing Jamie Cowton at the exit of a bend. Cowton thankfully walked away with only bruising, showing that the barriers can make a difference even in the most hazardous of circumstances. Click on the play button and hold your breath...