EBR Announces Pricing Information for 1190SX

New streetfighter model will be available as early as July, EBR says

Erik Buell Racing announced early last month that it's already begun production on an 1190RX-derived naked bike, which the manufacturer fittingly dubbed the 1190SX based on its streetfighter-esque styling. Just a few weeks after the unveil, EBR announced pricing information on the SX and a slightly closer look at the differences between it and the 1190RX that this new model is based on.

We say “slightly closer look,” because to be entirely honest, EBR released very few details on the bike other than that it has “an athletic upright riding position and wider handlebars for nimble handling, and minimalist bodywork for lower weight.” EBR goes on to say that, “With much componentry carried over from the EBR 1190RX superbike, the 1190SX is a genuine high-performance motorcycle with a racing heritage,” ultimately suggesting that the rest of the bike is as it was before.

Similar to the RX, the 1190SX features many Erik Buell signature innovations, such as fuel in the frame for lower weight and centralized mass, hubless wheels and a perimeter brake rotor for lower unsprung weight, and EBR’s proprietary Controlled Swirl Induction (CSI), which improves power and fuel economy while lowering exhaust emissions. The SX is claimed to weigh five pounds less than its fully faired counterpart.

As part of most recent press release, EBR also announced pricing information on the 1190SX. And here's where things get a bit more interesting; at $16,995, the SX will sell for $2,000 less than 1190RX! The bike is available in white, red, and black color schemes. It will be shipped to EBR dealers in early July.