EBR 1190SX First Look

Erik Buell Racing pulls the wrap off the company's 1190SX naked bike

It was only a matter of time before Erik Buell Racing added a second model to its relatively pubescent lineup of production bikes, but the question remained, “What’ll it be?” EBR answered that question this week with the unveil of the company’s new 1190SX, a naked version of the 1190RX that’s currently competing in the World Superbike Championship.

Don’t expect the unveil to answer any other questions, however; despite releasing images of the SX and bringing two models (one white and one red) to a recent test on the RX at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, EBR says that they don’t currently have additional information for interested parties. Price, specs, and availability are all to-be-announced.

The SX doesn’t appear dramatically different than the RX. Outside, of course, from the front fairing and side panels which have been jettisoned for a small bikini fairing and radiator shroud. We wouldn’t be surprised if EBR announced that the liquid-cooled 1190cc V-twin engine or electronics had been reworked for slightly different power characteristics. Perhaps some shorter gearing will better compliment that one piece handlebar mounted atop the new triple clamp?

Naturally, the 1190SX will retain EBR's fuel-in-frame design and perimeter front brake.

It will be interesting to see what EBR can do about the price of the 1190SX. MSRP on the RX is $18,995, thus it'd be nice if a few thousand dollars went the way of that bike's body panels. Sport Rider will have more information on the EBR 1190SX as it's released.