Video: Best Moments From MotoGP

Recap video highlights the highs and lows of recent MotoGP seasons, and is truly inspiring

Motorcycle racers are among the most passionate athletes in the world. They wear every win, crash, and championship title on their sleeve, and the best of the best leave the track Sunday afternoon having left nothing on the table. Want to see raw, unedited emotion? Just watch a clip of Nicky Hayden after winning his first MotoGP World Championship in 2006. Real frustration? Rewind the same video and watch Hayden's reaction to being taken out by Dani Pedrosa at Estoril, a crash that would nearly ruin the Kentucky Kid's chance at winning the championship that year.

Racing is full of ups and downs, as Hayden proved in 2006, a season that's highlighted in a recap video that recently surfaced on YouTube, alongside other memorable events in recent MotoGP history. The video, shown above, has got to be one of our favorite finds of the year, with perfectly chosen clips, awesome soundtrack, and great editing. If this isn't enough to make you a lifelong fan of motorcycle racing, then we're not really sure what is.

If you think you've come across a better video, drop a link to the clip in the comment box. We'd love to watch it.