Teaser video announces 2015 Kawasaki Ninja H2

Promotional materials mention collaboraton with company's "aerospace, gas turbine and other high-technology contemporary manufacturing disciplines" - possible supercharged sportbike?

kawasaki teaser video 2015 ninja h2

Kawasaki has just released a teaser video announcing an all-new 2015 model designated the "Ninja H2" that will be officially unveiled on September 30 on the eve of the 2014 Intermot show in Germany. The promotional materials released with the video mention that, "Drawing on skills and experience from experts within not just the company’s motorcycle division but across its aerospace, gas turbine and other high-technology contemporary manufacturing disciplines" lead us to believe that the Ninja H2 will be equipped with the supercharged engine that was displayed at the Tokyo Motor Show last year, and also revealed in patent application drawings earlier in the year. The fact that the promotional text also mentions that the new Ninja H2 will be, "Capturing the spirit of the 750cc Mach IV H2 that, along with the 500cc three cylinder H1 and all-conquering 903cc Z1 Super Four, epitomized Kawasaki’s market defining performance image," only lends more credence to that assumption. The 750 Mach IV H2 and 500 H1 two-stroke triples enhanced Kawasaki's all-out performance image in the '70s, with their raw power and shrill exhaust note gaining the marque a huge number of enthusiast fans everywhere.

kawasaki supercharged engine tokyo motor show
Kawasaki displayed this supercharged four-cylinder engine at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show, and its accompanying promotional materials vaguely referenced production usage in motorcycle form (Kawasaki already produces a personal watercraft powered by a supercharged engine).

When Kawasaki displayed a very polished-looking supercharged four-cylinder engine at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show (photo above), it seemed to fall right in line with patent drawings that depicted a supersport-style motorcycle with a supercharged engine (below). Kawasaki is part of a huge industrial company (Kawasaki Heavy Industries) that also has an aerospace division that is one of the cutting edge designers for turbines and turbine blade assemblies used in nearly all of today's jet engines. And the company already produces a vehicle powered by a 1498cc four-cylinder engine utilizing an intercooled supercharger that pumps out a claimed 300 horsepower: the Jet Ski Ultra 300X, Kawasaki's top-of-the-line personal watercraft. The company obviously has plenty of experience in the area of forced induction engines.

kawasaki supercharged motorcycle patent drawing
This patent drawing of a supercharged engine powering a supersport-style motorcycle was submitted by persons known to work at Kawasaki back in 2013. The motorcycle depicted largely resembles the company's ZX-14R supersport bike.

The teaser video site mentions that more is coming on September 3. Stay tuned. Below is the teaser video: