Colin Edwards and wife Alyssia visit nudist colony in Yamaha R3 video

Promotional video from Yamaha USA for new 2015 Yamaha R3 continues subsidiary's creative and humorous streak

colin edwards wife alyssia yamaha r3 video

Yamaha Motor Corp USA's penchant for humorous promotional videos involving their MotoGP stars is already well-known, but it's become pretty obvious from the beginning that now-retired Colin Edwards has a knack for acting. From the original "A Day at the Office" videos to the now-infamous "Mancation" video with the also-retired Ben Spies, Edwards has demonstrated that he's a natural in front of movie camera. So Yamaha USA once again enlisted Edwards for a promotional video, in this episode to help promote Yamaha's new R3 sportbike. And this time, Edwards' beautiful wife Alyssia gets into the act, with the pair going through a number of humorous situations as Colin attempts to find some sort of activity that they both can have fun in, including a visit to a nudist colony.

Actually, Edwards has not completely retired and ridden off into the sunset. The Texas Tornado has been employed by Yamaha to be the main development test rider for the M1 with the upcoming Michelin MotoGP tires, as the series is scheduled to transition to the French rubber as the official spec tire in 2016. Edwards endeared himself to Michelin engineers back during his World Superbike championship years with his unrivaled work ethic in testing at the Clermont-Ferrand test facility, and the Texan has a huge amount of experience in helping develop the brand's competition tires. In fact, the testing for Yamaha/Michelin is the main reason why Edwards was forced to retire "early" before the season was over; Bridgestone forbids any current MotoGP racer from testing with the Michelin tires, so Edwards had to leave in order to test for Yamaha/Michelin. Edwards and the Forward Yamaha Racing team have indicated that Edwards will be at the season finale at Valencia, but whether he will be riding is still up in the air. If Edwards does ride, sources say he will be a wildcard entry with a separate Yamaha team.

Below is the Yamaha R3 video with Colin and Alyssia Edwards:

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