2015 Kawasaki Ninja H2 profile seen in video

Fourth teaser video shows new supercharged Kawasaki flagship bike's profile

2015 kawasaki ninja h2 video first glimpse

The fourth teaser video released by Kawasaki on its upcoming supercharger-equipped H2 model for 2015 shows some more promotional material on its history with high performance motorcycles, chronicling the flagship models from the company starting with the original 900 Ninja of 1984. But at the conclusion of the video, a profile shot of the new H2 is shown (which we enhanced to give a slightly better view of the bike), and allows us a better idea of what the ground-breaking new motorcycle will look like.

Interestingly, the H2 shown in the profile teaser shot is shod with racing slick tires, and is devoid of some other street-legal paraphernalia such as mirrors or license plate holder. This has given some the impression that the H2 will be a "racetrack-only" motorcycle; there is a taillight visible in the tail section of the bike in the dark profile shot however, and it's highly unlikely that Kawasaki (or any other major motorcycle manufacturer, for that matter) would produce a flagship motorcycle to represent the brand without the bike having street-legal status in at least some portions of the world. The underside of the tail section looks to have an area where the license plate holder assembly bolts in, and marketing personnel at Kawasaki probably decided that such mechanical-looking appendages upset the overall lines of profile shot.

The attachment visible on the front of the fairing just below the nose is also generating some discussion, with some speculating that it functions as a "splitter" to both generate some aerodynamic downforce and also help airflow into the airbox ram-air intake (presumably in the nose) as well as the radiator area underneath. But as with anything of this nature, this is all speculation until September 30.

Below is the fourth teaser video from Kawasaki: