Sport Rider took off into its second year and did not hold back with the various comparisons of the monstrous machines and results of the roaring Grand Prix races beside the routine run of how-tos, product tests, and responses to snail mail.

The February issue focused on the twins and the soul stirring they induced in motorcyclists. The "Battle of the Twins" article pitted a motley crew of the latest (at the time) machines including BMW's R1100RS, Ducati's 900 Supersport, Moto Guzzi's updated Daytona 1000, and Yamaha's TDM850. Editors rode these bikes for a thorough 8,000-mile test that took them to the USGP, north through Napa, and down through Yosemite. Spoiler alert: In this comparison, the Ducati 900 Supersport claimed first, with the ambiguous Yamaha coming in fourth.

If you couldn't get enough of twins, Sport Rider quenched your thirst with a look at the priceless Ducati 750SS, a review of Ducati's M900 Monster, the making of a mean EX500, a Wrecking Crew replica, and a stereotype-defying Hawk 650 GT.

Riding crazy bikes like a supercharged Suzuki GSX-R750 and the Ontario Moto-Tech CBR900 racebike, the handsome Ducati 916, and Smokin' Joe's Honda RC45 chalked up another year in the life of the SR motojournalists.

The year concluded with the clash of class champions where the Ducati 916, Honda CBR600F2, Kawasaki ZX-9R, and Yamaha YZF750R went in a four-way head-to-head to find out which bike was the best of the year. Would it come as a surprise to you that the Kawasaki ZX-9R and Honda CBR600F2 tied for third leaving Yamaha in second and Ducati to take first yet again?

Reminisce on what else comprised the issues of 1994 in this gallery of covers.

February 1994 issue of Sport Rider
February 1994 issue of Sport RiderSport Rider
April 1994 issue of *Sport Rider*
April 1994 issue of Sport RiderSport Rider


June 1994 issue of *Sport Rider*
June 1994 issue of Sport RiderSport Rider
August 1994 issue of *Sport Rider*
August 1994 issue of Sport RiderSport Rider
October 1994 issue of *Sport Rider*
October 1994 issue of Sport RiderSport Rider
December 1994 issue of *Sport Rider*
December 1994 issue of Sport RiderSport Rider

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