Liqui Moly Launches Nationwide "I Use It" Advertising Campaign

"Real people with something real to say"

Liqui Moly "I use it" advertising campaign
Liqui Moly's new North American advertising campaign focuses on real users rather than celebrity testimonials.Image Courtesy of Liqui Moly

Rather than using celebrities as testimonials to its products, Liqui Moly is deliberately doing away with that and using real user's experiences with the oil products. With the "I use it" slogan for this new nationwide advertising campaign the oil company will focus on garage owners and their experience of Liqui Moly. "We show real people with something real to say," says Sebastian Zelger, responsible for Liqui Moly's North American trade.

“We want to provide a platform for these everyday heroes,” says Zelger. “They’re all people who work with our products on a day-to-day basis, which is why we’re calling the campaign ‘I use it’.”

Users include Josh Collver of the European Service Center in Dallas, Texas. He talks about a BMW Z4 M that was brought into the garage with problems: "This BMW came to us with low oil pressure faults and had obviously not been maintained. After a thorough engine flush with Liqui Moly products and fresh Smooth Running High Tech 5W-40, there were no more pressure faults or stumbling. We have full confidence that with these products, the customer has avoided the need for an engine replacement!" See for details of Josh Collver and the other testimonials.

Liqui Moly developed the advertising concept itself without using an agency. This reflects the oil manufacturer’s philosophy of doing as much as possible in-house. The campaign will run for the whole of 2017 – digitally as well as in magazines, trade journals, and consumer media, both in the USA and in Canada.

Liqui Moly is also involving its customers in the campaign to further extend coverage. The company has significantly increased its advertising budget for this project. Sebastian Zelger: “This is our biggest advertising investment in North America to date.”