Kawasaki offering second pre-order period for Ninja H2

"Overwhelming public demand" swoops up first available Ninja H2 production run, so KMC USA opens up another order period for second production run

2015 kawasaki ninja h2 deliveries begin
Kawasaki Motor Corp USA has opened up a second pre-order period for the Ninja H2 after the first run sold out quickly

Kawasaki has announced plans to offer a second limited ordering period for the 2015 Kawasaki Ninja H2, after all available units from the first production run were completely sold out (note that this is for the street-legal Ninja H2, not its track-only Ninja H2R counterpart). Utilizing an in-house-designed-and-manufactured centrifugal chain-driven supercharger designed specifically for this application, the H2 has obviously appealed to enough sportbike enthusiasts to make them reach for their pocketbooks despite its $25,000 price tag. Kawasaki Motor Corp USA says the second pre-order period begins today (April 7) and be open until April 21, 2015. To place an order for a Ninja H2, the consumer must contact or visit their local Kawasaki dealer in order to place a deposit and secure the order; expected delivery time is said to be late May to early June. The customer will then be notified that their Ninja H2 is ready to be picked up.

“The initial order period for the Ninja H2 motorcycle was back in November 2014, and we quickly sold all of the available production,” said Kawasaki Senior Vice President of Sales Operations, Bill Jenkins. “However, those orders were taken prior to the motorcycle touring the country with the Progressive International Motorcycle Show series and before the media were able to ride it for the first time. Following the indoor show series and substantial media acclaim this motorcycle has received, the public demand has been overwhelming. Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A. has negotiated with Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. a limited production run of additional units, which gives US customers a second opportunity to purchase Ninja H2 supercharged sportbikes,”Jenkins continued. “Get yours now!"

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