Isle Of Man TT: Record Day For Ian Hutchison

Hutchison sets outright lap record on a Superstock machine!

Ian Hutchison 2016
Ian Hutchison blazes past the circuit's outright-lap record on his stock machine at 132.803 mph.Photo Courtesy of Kneen at Pacemaker Press International

If you wanted to summarize this week’s qualifying for the 2016 Isle of Man TT, it’s Michael Dunlop vs. Ian Hutchison. The pair have taking turns as the fastest man around the legendary circuit. Well, today Dunlop may have topped Superbike, but Hutchison stole the show with the fastest lap – inside John McGuinness’ outright lap record – on his Superstock machine.

Straight out of the gate, Hutchinson was at record-breaking speeds on his Tyco BMW Superstock machine. He lapped at 131.632 mph from a standing start, which was comfortably inside the class lap record and quicker than Dunlop’s lap the night before. However, his second lap was a stunner as he lapped at 132.803 mph, .786 of a second quicker than McGuinness’ time set in last year’s Senior TT race.

Not to be outdone, it was also a record-breaking evening for Dunlop as he too was inside the outright lap record lapping at 132.754 mph on his Hawk Racing BMW Superbike. He then jumped on his Superstock bike to post a speed of 131.632 mph, putting Dunlop second in the stock class.

Silicone Engineering Kawasaki’s Dean Harrison went back out on his Superbike to posted a lap of 129.996 mph to place third. Harrison ended the day third in the Superstock class as well. In fourth was Michael Rutter on the Bathams SMT Racing BMW, ahead of Honda Racing’s Conor Cummins. His teammate McGuinness had a rough day in traffic and dropped back in sixth.

IC Racing/Caffrey International Yamaha’s William Dunlop was seventh, followed by Norton’s David Johnson. Rounding out the top 10 was Jackson Racing Honda’s Steve Mercer and Team BMW’s Gary Johnson.

Meanwhile in Supersport, Harrison was top of his class, trailed by the younger Dunlop on the Honda duo – Cummins and McGuiness.

Michael Dunlop 2016
Michael Dunlop sets the fastest time in Superbike going into tomorrow's race, kicking off the Isle of Man TT.Photo Courtesy of Kneen at Pacemaker Press International

2016 Isle of Man TT Thursday, June 2, Fastest Laps

Superbike Qualifying

  1. Michael Dunlop (BMW) 132.754

  2. Ian Hutchison (BMW) 131.521

  3. Dean Harrison (Kawasaki) 129.996

  4. Michael Rutter (BMW) 129.613

  5. Conor Cummins (Honda) 129.499

  6. John McGuinness (Honda) 129.206

  7. William Dunlop (Yamaha) 128.928

  8. David Johnson (Norton) 128.533

  9. Steve Mercer (Honda) 128.364

  10. Gary Johnson (BMW) 128.0129

Superstock Qualifying

  1. Ian Hutchison (BMW) 132.803

  2. Michael Dunlop (BMW) 131.879

  3. Dean Harrison (Kawasaki) 128.947

  4. Lee Johnston (BMW) 128.607

  5. James Hillier (Kawasaki) 128.134

  6. John McGuiness (Honda) 128.092

  7. Peter Hickman (Kawasaki) 127.973

  8. Horst Saiger (Kawasaki) 126.730

  9. Daniel Hegarty (Kawasaki) 126.210

  10. Gary Johnson (BMW) 126.025

Supersport Qualifying

  1. Dean Harrison (Kawasaki) 126.249

  2. Conor Cummins (Honda) 124.353

  3. John McGuiness (Honda) 123.863

  4. Peter Hickman (Kawasaki) 123.402

  5. William Dunlop (Yamaha) 123.120

  6. Daniel Hegarty (Kawasaki) 122.305

  7. Derek McGee (Yamaha) 121.856

  8. Colin Stephenson (Yamaha) 121.227

  9. Michal Dokoupil (Yamaha) 121.053

  10. James Cowton (Honda) 120.972