Husqvarna | 2017 Sportbike Buyer's Guide

Prices, images, details and specifications for all the 2017 Husqvarna sport bike models

Husqvarna 701 Supermoto - $N/A
Engine: L-C 4V 693 single | Seat Height: 35.0 in. | Curb Weight: N/A lb.
Wheelbase: N/A in. | Rake: 27° | Trail: N/Amm | Fuel Capacity: 3.4 gal.
2017 Husqvarna 701 Supermoto

2017 Husqvarna 701 Supermoto

Husqvarna has announced an updated 701 Supermoto model, which features a more powerful engine that meets Euro 4 emissions standards. The new model boasts six more horsepower more than the outgoing 701, with an extra 1,000 rpm of usable power. Cylinder dimensions are now more oversquare with a 105mm bore and 80mm stroke (compared with 102mm and 84.5mm for the 2016 model). A second counterbalancer shaft helps to reduce vibration, and a new 50mm throttle body with ride-by-wire offers better throttle response and rideability. 2017 701 Supermoto first lookCourtesy of Husqvarna
Husqvarna FS 450 - $N/A
Engine: L-C 4V 450 single | Seat Height: 36.5 in. | Curb Weight: N/A lb.
Wheelbase: 58.1 in. | Rake: 26.1° | Trail: N/Amm | Fuel Capacity: N/A gal.
2017 Husqvarna FS 450

2017 Husqvarna FS 450

Husqvarna has announced an updated FS 450 supermoto machine for 2017, featuring new components and advances in engine management. The front fork is now a 48mm WP air fork that is 3.5 pounds lighter than its predecessor, and the fork is held with new CNC-machined triple clamps that allow a certain amount of flex under load. Interestingly, new engine mounts are also said to improve suspension function. A switch on the handlebar allows the rider to select from two engine maps, as well as activate the new traction control system. 2017 FS 450 first lookCourtesy of Husqvarna