Crash Video: Guy Martin Goes Down at the Dundrod 150

11-times Ulster GP winner crashes out of lead on last lap of the race

Have you ever watched a video from the Isle of Man or any other road race and thought to yourself, "Imagine what would happen if he crashed right there?" You don't really want to imagine it, but it's hard to not at least recognize the possibility. At the end of the day, crashes do happen.

This week it was Guy Martin who reminded us of that, the 33-year-old crashing out of the lead of the Dundrod 150. Martin's crash came at the last lap of the race and just ahead of Bruce Anstey, who went on to win the race.

Initial reports from race organizers described Martin's injuries as "not serious," though it was later announced via a family member's Twitter account that Martin would have to undergo an 8-hour surgery to stabilize his vertebrae. A Tyco BMW press release goes on to say that, "Thankfully, he will recover from his injuries and be up on his feet in a few days."

Watch the video above and you'll agree that things could have been even worse.