BMW now offers ABS Pro retrofit to older S 1000 RR models

Optional ABS that works while cornering on new BMWs now being offered as retrofit option to 2012-2014 S 1000 RR models

After offering its ABS Pro option as a retrofit for the HP4 back in October of last year, BMW is now offering the cornering ABS system as a retrofit option for the older 2012 - 2014 model S 1000 RR as well.

Ever since Bosch created its Motorcycle Stability Control system ABS that detects both lean angle and pitch of the motorcycle and allows the ABS to function in cornering situations, it was basically not if but when the system would make its way to sportbikes. BMW quickly made its own version of the system called ABS Pro, and offered it as a retrofit option for the HP4 back in October of last year. It didn't take long for it to become a factory option with some of BMW's newer machines like the S 1000 XR, and R 1200 GS and GS Adventure, as well as standard equipment on the big K 1600 GT/GTL tourer.

The ABS Pro system utilizes lean angle sensors to tailor the brake pressure properly even when aggressively applying the brakes in a corner. Much of its effect is centered around the initial brake pressure application; as lean angle is increased, the brake pressure gradient (meaning the rise in brake pressure over a period of time) is increasingly limited. This not only helps prevent wheel lockup, but also helps to prevent abrupt changes in steering force and chassis attitude that can also result in the bike wanting to "stand up" aggressively in a corner during a panic braking situation.

Curiously, the system was absent from the S 1000 RR lineup. But since most of the hardware was already in place, BMW is now making the ABS Pro available as a retrofit option to the 2012 to 2014 model S 1000 RR (the 2015 and 2016 model retrofits are in the works, so if you got a recent model you'll need to wait). The retrofit to the 2015 model includes the Race riding mode that features a much higher wheel slip threshold and brake pressure gradient for roads with a higher level of grip compared to the Rain and Sport modes. Cost of the retrofit on US models hasn't been released yet, although in Europe, it ranges from €420 - €460 (approximately $472 - $517).