The biggest thing is I'm finally on a motorcycle that I'm comfortable with. It fits me, my size, my shape and the whole nine yards. But at the same time, it's just a bike that I can trust. I can go down a straightaway wide open and know what to anticipate. I can race to my full potential.

Having a team around that you trust is a big part of your confidence on the track. I know when I come in and I tell them what the bike's doing, whether it's the greatest thing or the worst thing, the guys are going to continue to work hard and only improve each time we go out onto the track. The biggest thing with dirt track is it's been around for such a long time, but so have a majority of the good mechanics (in flat track). You really can't buy that knowledge that they've gained over the years of being in the sport.

shayna texter taking checkers at arizona mile
Taking checkers at Arizona MileAndrea Wilson

That was a little bit of a struggle last year with (Team Owner) Richie (Morris) coming over from the road racing side. He'll admit he thought it was going to be easier than what it actually was. Last year my entire team came from the asphalt side, so the dirt was a completely new challenge to them. It was also a challenge for me (in the Twins class). So, together we were facing all these challenges and we weren't moving forward. That was one of the big reasons why I moved to the singles class this year was just to try and get me back. Now that we've got the team surrounding me, my confidence is back and my trust in the motorcycle. I think we're headed in the right direction.

I honestly have never felt more comfortable on a bike than my CRF450R than I have this year. It just seems like some challenges that I had in the past when I was running my own 450 team, we were able to nip them (this year). I've been able to go out and take the points lead.

shayna texter sacramento mile race action
Sacramento MileAndrea Wilson

It's huge (her success so far this season with three hard fought wins). We go out and try our best every weekend. Right now we're leading the championship, but there's still a bunch of races left – some that are in my favor. So, we still got to keep digging deep and just continue to try our best, and hopefully the end result is what we're looking for.

Yeah, definitely I want to win the championship (about her expectations at the start of the season). That's been the goal since I decided to move down to the 450 class. It's not been easy. The competition, there are some really good riders in the class right now. But I've won the races so far that I've thought that I should win. I've done well at some tracks that I thought I'd actually struggle at as well. So, as of right now I'd say everything's going well above kind of what I expected so far this year.

shayna texter okc mile podium with trophy
OKC MileAndrea Wilson

I think the crowd's been excellent. There was only one so far that the crowd was down a little bit, of all the rounds this season... But the crowd's been awesome. There's been a lot of new fans coming up to me, especially Oklahoma City. That one's new to the sport and they say they're going to come back the following year, so that's always exciting. I'm really excited to see what the television package does with the NBC Sports. I think that's just going to help our sport continue to grow and progress. Even on the riders' side with the sponsors it really seems like more of the motocross industry sponsors are starting to get involved back into our sport.

I have probably one of the biggest fan bases in American Flat Track and it's awesome. Just the fan support walking out to the main event (at the OKC Mile), they me pumped up. The excitement that I know they're going to have when I take my helmet off in victory circle, it gives me a little bit extra of a push to try and dig deep to get the win for them.

shayna texter celebrating on the okc mile podium
OKC MileAndrea Wilson