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Is a scooter a motorcycle, or is a motorcycle a scooter? A motor scooter, aka a scooter, is technically a motorcycle. Your scooter might not be titled as a motorcycle, depending on where you live, but two wheels, a motor, and a seat make it a motorcycle—so we cover them. A scooter’s low cost of ownership and simplicity to operate make it an attractive form of transportation among people who commute by themselves and their maneuverability makes them one of the easiest ways to navigate congested city centers. While not as popular in the United States, scooters are adored around the globe, with a large presence in developing and developed nations alike.

If you are just getting into riding, want a different kind of ride, or are curious about them, Cycle World has the information you need on the latest scooter models and gear.

Scooter Reviews

Cycle World has been testing motorcycles for decades—and that includes scooters—so you can always expect the most thorough, comprehensive reviews from our staff. We start with first looks as information about the latest scooters is released, followed by first ride reviews live from manufacturer’s press launches. Whether you’re looking for a new model year or are searching for a used scooter, Cycle World reviews will provide you with the information for the best scooter for you and your budget.

Latest Scooter Reviews

Popular Scooter Manufacturers

Vespa is as synonymous with scooters as Harley-Davidson is with cruiser motorcycles. The Italian scooter brand has been producing recognizable scooters for more than 70 years, releasing an electric scooter model this year. Another Italian company, Piaggio is known for producing scooters like the leaning three-wheeler, the MP3. Aprilia, known for its superbikes and racing prowess, also produces the SR Motard 50 scooter.

The famed Bavarian moto-maker—BMW—also builds scoots, offering two gas-powered and one electric scooter for the public. Three of the four major Japanese manufacturers—Honda, Yamaha, and Suzuki—also sell a variety of scooters from low-cost in-town commuters to larger highway-capable machines.

Should I Buy A Scooter Or Motorcycle?

Asking yourself if you should buy a motor scooter or a motorcycle is a completely valid question, especially if you’re unfamiliar with how to operate a motorcycle. Going from four wheels to two is difficult for some and removing variables that a motorcycle presents can make riding on two wheels more enjoyable for new riders.

You need to figure out where you are going first to determine if a scooter or a motorcycle is better for you. Looking for an around-town machine or an urban commuter? Scooters are perfect for this. Commuting by highway or traveling long distances? You can get there on a maxi-scooter, but a motorcycle will be more comfortable. If you want to ride on two wheels without the hassle of shifting, a scooter or automatic motorcycle are options to consider.

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