Alta is gone. As is Mission before it, and Brammo. But here we are in 2018, and Zero stands alone, innovating and improving its electric lineup, and continuing to show motorcyclists the value and fun electric motorcycles are capable of. Starting in 2006, Zeros have been seen as innovative, if not an ugly duckling. Quirky, especially compared to the bolder, faster, and more headline-grabbing brands competing in the space.

For 2019, there’s more power, more features, more innovation, and some tweaks to improve the styling.

More power and range
More power and range are headlining changes for 2019 Zero S and DS models.Zero Motorcycles

The headlining changes are more power and range for the Zero S and DS. Zero is claiming 35 percent more horsepower and 8 percent higher top speed. There’s also the implementation of the ZF14.4 power pack with the same battery chemistry as its faster R models. The claim is 10 percent increased capacity. How much this affects riding in the real world will have to wait for a full test.

Charge Tank
A backward-compatible Charge Tank is a boon for owners of older Zero models.Zero Motorcycles

There’s good news for customers of older models too. Zero’s 6-kilowatt Charge Tank was introduced as a factory option for 2018 models. Noting customer demand, Zero is releasing an aftermarket Charge Tank that can be installed at the dealership and is compatible with comparative models back to 2015.

Zero claims the Charge Tank can charge a Zero S or DS ZF7.2 from empty to 95 percent capacity in an hour using standard Level 2 charge stations. Every hour of charging adds up to 85 miles of city range, or an addition of 103 miles in an hour of charging using a standard outlet in parallel.

For 2019, the entire lineup features a patent-pending Long Term Storage Mode. This unique touch automatically triggers the Long Term Storage Mode if the motorcycle is parked. Zero claims this modes optimizes the battery’s state of charge to further improve long-term battery health simply and automatically.

Zero DSR
There are new features for the range-topping Zero DSR.Zero Motorcycles

Small feature enhancements are also in store for the top-of-the-range DSR. For 2019, standard equipment includes a dual-sport windscreen, tank grips, hand guards, and a 12-volt accessory socket.

Revised branding, graphics, and colorways
Revised branding, graphics, and colorways show Zero has taken styling criticisms to heart.Zero Motorcycles

Finally, all-new graphics and color schemes are available across the whole line. Feature examples from Zero include the Rhino Gray of the Zero FXS and the “none more black” Jet Black Zero S.

The electric space, bad news aside, is gaining momentum and competition. Where many manufacturers have produced flashier options, Zero’s shown success by putting investment and time into the function of its electric motorcycles, even though that has sometimes been at the detriment of form.

2019 sees Zero not only refresh the branding and looks, but continue to innovate and advance its electric platforms to highlight that electric has a stake in the future of motorcycling. And you can experience it today.