2018 BMW C650GT

Long, low, and built to go.

2018 BMW C 650 GTBMW

Launched six years ago along with the now-discontinued C600 Sport, the C650GT debuted as the ne plus ultra scooter. Wait, that’s Latin. How about das beste? There. That feels better. Anyway, the point is, the C650GT is a luxury contrivance for well-heeled types who would rather scoot around than motorbike about. BMW claims the 647cc parallel twin delivers 60 hp—about half what a smaller 600cc-class supersport kicks out—but the powerband is nobly flat and coordinates nicely with the CVT drivetrain.

Curb weight is up there (right along with the price) at 575 pounds, but the engine’s laydown design (with horizontal rather than vertical cylinders) helps keep the mass low, making the machine feel lighter than it is. Due to their rearward powertrain packaging, scooters often have long wheelbases, and the C650GT is no exception, as its 62.6-inch wheelbase surpasses that of BMW’s own F700GS adventure bike. Circling back to its luxury mission, however, the C650GT includes a power-adjustable windshield, heated grips and seats, a multifunction display that shows tires pressures, and a goodly underseat storage area.

Likes: Comfortable ride, 100-plus mph top speed, real-time tire-pressure monitoring system

Dislikes: Heavy and pushes the price envelope for scooters

Verdict: Real motorcycle capability in a scooter

2018 BMW C 650 GT Specs and Pricing

MSRP $10,995
WET WEIGHT 575 lb.