Rimini Honors Massimo Tamburini

The icon of Italian motorcycle memorialized in a statue.

The Italian township of Rimini will honor Massimo Tamburini, the designer of some of the most iconic Italian sportbikes.Tamburini Family

On Thursday, September 12, the Italian township of Rimini will unveil the monument to remember and honor Maestro Massimo Tamburini. The monument is an almost life-size bust inspired by a portrait of Massimo that was taken sometime in early 2000.

The mold of the bronze bust was hand carved by Renzo Jarno Vandi, a modeling specialist who cooperated with Massimo at the Centro Ricerche Cagiva (CRC) in San Marino Republic. Vandi still works at the CRC, and worked with great passion and an artist’s touch to the bust that celebrates his great boss. He assisted and collaborated with great dedication, sharing Massimo’s passion with absolute admiration for his creativity. Creativity that he translated into molds and models with superb ability.

The unveiling will take place at the arena in front of the old Rimini Castle. At the end of October Massimo’s bust will be officially dedicated and placed in the main square in the ancient town of Rimini, in front of the cathedral and of what today is the Rimini University. In the old days it was the Technical Institute where Massimo Tamburini graduated.

On the occasion of the official unveiling of Massimo's bust, the Tamburini family will put on display some of the most exclusive bikes of Massimo's collection, including the Ducati 955, the 916 edition for the US only, and the T12 Massimo, Tamburini's last creation. By dedicating this monument, the township of Rimini honors Massimo Tamburini as it has another great Rimini-born artist, director Federico Fellini.