Quail Motorcycle Gathering Announces Feature Classes For 2019 Show

The high-zoot motorcycling event shines a light on the Honda CB750, the Brough Superior, and pre-1990 off-road motorcycles

A classic Quail lineup.Courtesy of The Quail Motorcycle Gathering

Break out the khakis and polo shirts, we're going to the Quail Lodge & Golf Club. The annual Quail Motorcycle Gathering has just announced the featured classes for its upcoming 2019 edition on May 4, 2019, which also happens to be the 11th anniversary of the event. Among the specialty classes for the 2019 Gathering are 50 Years of the Honda CB750, 100th Anniversary of the Brough Superior, and Off Road Wonders Through the '90s, but regardless of your marque preference, the sight of hundreds of immaculately restored vintage and historic motorcycles sprawled out on the obsessively manicured lawns of the Quail Lodge & Golf Club is every gearhead's wet dream come true.

This mint 1970 CB750 was featured in Guggenheim Museum's Art of The Motorcycle exhibit.Courtesy Bonhams

2019 just happens to be a pretty significant year from a historical perspective too: It's 50 years ago that Honda unveiled the CB750, the first production motorcycle to be called a "superbike." It's also 100 years since the founding of iconic British marque Brough Superior. To celebrate the 50 Years of the Honda CB750 and 100th Anniversary of the Brough Superior classes, the Quail will showcase special exhibitions on the field, alongside the additional Off-Road Wonders Through the '90s featured class, which pins its sights on outstanding and historic off-road motorcycles. Naturally, each of the specialty classes will highlight the crèmes of the crop for its respective group, including at least six world-class examples of the Honda CB750 made between 1969 and 1977, as well as a broad sampling of significant off-road machines like the iconic 1972 Husqvarna 400 CR and the 1989 Honda XRV650 Africa Twin Marathon.

The venue, like we said, is spectacular, with the pristine lawns of Quail Lodge & Golf Club playing pedestal to all the historically consequential metal. When you’re done walking the show, you can cradle a glass of top-shelf local wine, kick back, and enjoy live music too. Of course, the event is also known to serve pretty good chow, and the celebration is inclusive; kids, families, and even pets are welcome.

Arlen Ness’s “SmoothNess,” one of the builder’s most recognizable builds, snagged a spot at last year’s Quail Gathering.Courtesy Quail Motorcycle Gathering

Last year's Quail event tagged Arlen Ness as "Legend of The Sport", and the sleek grounds of the lodge were graced by a bevy of Arlen Ness' most beautiful builds, including one of our favorites, the Art Deco-inspired "SmoothNess."

A cutaway view of Burt Munro’s Bonneville Salt Flats Indian at the Quail.Courtesy Quail Motorcycle Gathering

Presale tickets are $85 and entry includes a gourmet lunch, parking, and gear valet service for those riding a motorcycle to the event. Doors open 9:00 a.m. for VIP Lounge ticket holders and 10:00 a.m. for General Public ticket holders; tickets are available online at quaillodgeevents.com.