Poll: Did Andrea Iannone Make an Honest Mistake or Is He Plain Ol' Reckless

Two options, what's your answer?

Andrea Iannone ran into the back of Jorge Lorenzo at the entrance of turn 10 this past weekend at Catalunya. Both riders ended up on the ground, the Yamaha rider walking away with a hard-to-swallow DNF and subsequently falling from the top of the points standings. The question is, was it an honest mistake or an example of Iannone riding recklessly?

Before you answer, consider that Iannone suggests he wasn't trying to outbrake Lorenzo and didn't in any way change his approach to the corner. He claims that telemetry pulled from the bike proves he braked at the same exact point as the lap before, and that there was no way to anticipate Lorenzo being so slow at the entrance of the corner.

The argument race direction and others have made, is that Iannone should have been paying closer attention to the rider in front of him and been able to avoid the situation. They also point back to Iannone's incident earlier this year in Argentina, when he came into contact with his teammate, Andrea Dovizioso, and took them both out of the race on the final lap.

What do you think, was this latest incident an honest mistake or further proof that Iannone needs to settle down? Vote below and let us know where you stand.