PIKES PEAK: Victory Empulse RR Tech Inspection

Practice starts at dawn tomorrow

Pikes Peak inspection sticker
Passed tech inspection.Don Canet

Today has been pretty relaxed with rider sign-in this morning followed with rolling the Victory race bikes through tech. The tech inspectors were particularly impressed with the attention to detail my crew has put into race prepping the Victory Empulse RR. After passing the safety inspection and getting a tech sticker applied to each bike, we posed for a team photo.

Pikes Peak Victory Racing Team
Victory Racing Team.Don Canet

I snapped pics of a couple car teams including the 1500 hp all-wheel drive Tajima Rimac E-Runner Concept One electric of Japanese PPIHC legend "Monster" Tajima. His car utilizes the same motor controller manufacturer as the Empulse RR.

PPIHC legend Monster Tajima and team
Tajima Rimac E-Runner Concept One.Don Canet

The 1918 Pierce-Arrow Yellow Devil competed in 8 Pikes Peak events dating back to 1922. It will make an exhibition run on the lower half of the course to kick off the 100th Running of the Race to the Clouds this coming Sunday.

1918 Pierce-Arrow Yellow Devil static 3/4 view
1918 Pierce-Arrow Yellow Devil.Don Canet

We will be practicing the top section from Devil's Playground to the summit tomorrow.