Next Monday Is Ride To Work Day, And We've Got A Challenge For You

We're planning something fun for Ride To Work day, what are you doing?

Sean MacDonald and Bradley Adams
Safety FirstJeff Allen

Next Monday is the 25th anniversary of Ride To Work day. While Bradley and I ride to work most days, this seemed like an opportunity (yes, I mean excuse) to go for a fun ride and show up to the office a little late. We think you should do the same, or get up and go for an early ride if that sort of thing will get you in trouble.

We'll be posting from our ride on Facebook Live, so make sure you follow or like or whatever it is you're supposed to do to our Facebook page so you can see our shenanigans. Also, we want to see yours, and we're going to send the best one a little care package.

Ride To Work
Ride To Work DayRide To Work

To submit a picture of your commute/morning ride, post your picture in a comment on this post, on Instagram with the hashtag #CWRideToWork, or in a comment on our Facebook live post on Monday morning. I'm too lazy to come up with some elaborate way to make sure you post a photo from Monday morning and not something from your archives, and I respect your laziness too much to ask you to hold up a newspaper or something - so just know that if we doubt your photo is legit, we won't choose you as the winner. Make sure you're also voting on submissions, especially in the comments below.

And, if you live in Southern California, maybe we'll see you out there.