Motorcyclist Gets Owned by Cyclist

When pedals beat power

Canyons are no place for racing, but they aren't a place for dawdling either. As I experienced on the Dragon a few weeks ago, excellent riding roads are a cornucopia of riding styles, experiences and talent levels.

Sometimes, that level is "Slower than a man wearing Lycra on his hiney."

In this video we have two enthusiasts hitting their local roads for an afternoon shred sesh on naked bikes of their choice, only to be outshone by a bicyclist wearing a stretchy leotard.

Passed by a literbike? Fine. 250 Ninja? Those surprises happen all the time. Scooter? Sure. But a bicyclist? That's something new.

Now, I'm not one to brag about my own speed. In fact, there's a certain screamsicle racesuit wearing guy on staff that can attest to that, but the lesson in this video is: "Never get too confident, there's always someone faster."

Or, maybe, our bicyclist friend is just imbibing in some extra help.