MotoGP Is Better Than Formula 1

Our friends at GQ make a strong case, and we tend to agree with them

Marc Marquez Valentino Rossi
Rossi and Marquez do battle at SilverstoneCourtesy of Moviestar Yamaha

Claiming that MotoGP is better than Formula 1 isn't a very bold claim on a motorcycle publication. But, when it's made on GQ, one of the biggest and most well known men's magazines and a publication known for its exaltation of the supercar and drivers like Lewis Hamilton, it can make a little more of a splash.

Now for our readers, an audience of super enthusiasts and incredibly knowledgeable riders, the points in this article will likely not be new or mind blowing. But, they are a nice reminder of just how amazing motorcycle racing has gotten, and it serves as a great explainer to send to those friends you've been trying to convince but who just haven't seen the light yet.

Give it a read and a share, the more eyeballs the better for all of us.