Cycle World Technical Editor Kevin Cameron and I have been hiking up to Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca's signature Corkscrew turn for 25 years. But on Sunday night after July's MotoAmerica and World Superbike races, Kevin was a little slower than usual, huffing and puffing while leaning determinedly into the steep hillside as we picked our way through the sun-bleached grass toward our rental car.

This year, the Central California track will look and feel a little different even to those, like Kevin, who have been attending race meetings there for several decades. According to track officials, SCRAMP, which manages the Monterey County-owned Laguna Seca Recreation Area, has either already completed or is on the fast track to finishing the following physical improvements to the facility:

  • Drainage, erosion control, and water-management improvements
  • Water treatment services and drilling of a new well
  • Top floor of Newman building upgrade; restrooms for all spectator events
  • Campground restroom and shower buildings
  • Red 9 parking re-paving; lake bed parking paving
  • Go-karting fencing
  • WiFi enhancements for improved connectivity
  • New mobile diner

Before the end of this year’s 10-event season, we’re also told, SCRAMP and the county will begin on the following:

  • New start/finish bridge
  • New park-wide communications systems and corner marshal stations
  • New fuel pumps
  • Architectural plans for permanent paddock buildings

“With the county’s oversight and encouragement, there has never been such intense progress and planning in infrastructure for this facility than what is occurring now,” said Michael Smith, interim CEO of SCRAMP. “While much of it has been made to ‘unseen’ areas, track renters, series organizers, and visitors will immediately begin seeing noticeable improvements in their overall experience.”

For his part, Kevin recently purchased a stationary bicycle. In addition to regular trips to the gym, he's been spinning away for up to 30 minutes a day. Come June, I'll be the one trying to match his pace up the hill.