I'm confident, but Ducati is strong. You can see: first, second, and third. Andrea Dovizioso, especially, is very strong.

Ducati has really good acceleration. They have such a powerful engine in that area. When they click fourth and fifth gear, it's like braap! That makes a difference at this track.

We have a little more powerful engine this year. But Ducati's top speed is still three, four, or five kilometers faster than us. In the three straights, that makes a difference.

The difference in acceleration is the wheelie. It's not because we don't have enough torque. When you manage the wheelie in a good way then the acceleration is much better.

Valentino Rossi
Valentino Rossi’s biggest problem on Friday? He was outside the top 10 in dry FP1. “Our bike has better corner speed, so in a track like in Brno or Mugello you can push,” he said. “But here, in Austria, we don’t have a lot of these corners. It is very difficult.”Andrew Wheeler/automotophoto.com

We need to be faster in another part of the circuit—the middle is our strong point—because we know they will be faster on the straights.

We will try to improve a few things on the bike to be with them. We are trying to improve our bike to be competitive in all layouts. This year, we've already made a small difference.

Like I said at Sachsenring, we are stronger in the weak points, and we suffer a little bit more in our strong points from last year.

In the dry, I felt okay. I had a small problem on the first run, and that changed our plan a little bit. I was able to find the rhythm and good confidence with the bike and the track.

We didn't put in new tires because our plan was to try the medium to see how strong we can be in the last laps of the race. I did a good lap time.

Andrea Dovizioso
"In FP1, we were competitive,” Marc Márquez said. “Andrea Dovizioso was slightly faster than us. We need to improve in some areas to try to be like him.” Dovizioso was quickest in Friday’s dry morning practice, lapping under the circuit record.Andrew Wheeler/automotophoto.com

In the afternoon, we were good. We just did a few laps in the wet to try the electronics and the setup. It looks like it will be dry on Sunday.

The grip in the wet was better than I expected. On the brake point, I had to be careful because last year we had many crashes. In general, the feeling was good.

Turn 3 is maybe the most dangerous point on the circuit. We arrive there at 290-300 kph. It's the most physical part of the circuit because you start to brake on the left side of the tire.

It's dangerous for the speed; it is better to lose one-tenth there because a crash… But I think the runoff area is enough.

I would like to say we are the fastest, and I want to win on Sunday—I want to win on Sunday. When it is the right time, like in Austin and at Sachsenring, I say it straight away because I believe it.