Josh Herrin Just Jumped a Yamaha R1 at Thunderhill Raceway

He might break the Internet with this pic (and possibly an R1)

I don't have much to say about the photo above, other than, "Did I see that right?" I guess I did, I just can't believe it's actually real and not Photoshopped.

The photo is of MotoAmerica Superstock 1000 racer Josh Herrin jumping a Yamaha R1 at Thunderhill Raceway today, in a section of the track that's referred to as "The Cyclone." I've seen pictures of AFM racers doing something similar in the past, and even ridden Thunderhill Raceway and thought about trying to put some air between the track and tires myself, but this honestly blows anything I've ever dreamed up or seen out of the water.

Seems that everyone else feels the same, as within a few minutes of the original post, there were already countless reposts on Facebook and Instagram.

Take a second look at the photo above and you'll see why.

Kudos, Josh!